Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How About an Assata Monument?

North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory  recently upset a lot of folk when he signed the Historic Artifact and Patriotism Act. The act, basically, says that you can't remove that smiling statue of the old  KKK member down the street all willy-nilly. The removal will now require a thumbs up by the NC General Assembly.

But what really got my attention was the response of the Governor's Press Secretary Graham Wilson, who according to WTVD, dissed and dismissed the criticisms with " Our discussions should be centered around the addition of new monuments that will reflect the diversity of the individuals and events that shaped North Carolina."

This may come as a shock..But actually I agree with him.

Let's add some new monuments and give the old rusty Confederate statues some brand new neighbors.

I suggest that first on the guest list should be a few unsung African American heroes and heroines with ties to the Tar Heel state.

Let's start with David Walker who was born in Wilmington in 1785. His work "Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World" was so inflammatory that historians have suggested that it may have inspired Nat Turner's bloody  slave revolt of 1831.

Or what about Robert Williams  born in 1925 in Monroe North Carolina who wrote the book "Negroes With Guns"  and advocated armed self defense while many black folk were advocating nonviolence ?

And last but not least,  there is Assata Shakur who was born in New York but was raised in Wilmington. Shakur, former member of the Black Liberation Army was sentenced to prison in the early 70's in connection with the murder of a New Jersey State trooper. She is currently in exile in Cuba. I would love to see a statue of Assata Shakur holding an AK-47 smack dab in the middle of the NC State Capitol grounds.

Let's all contact Governor McCrory's office and tell him that we accept his office's challenge and we would like to see statues of Walker, Williams and Shakur erected immediately, in the heart of downtown Raleigh. It's gonna be kinda like a Black Power Mt. Rushmore.

So, yes, I agree with Graham Wilson, tell the Confederate statues to move over...

Guess who's coming to dinner ?

Min, Paul Scott is founder of the Durham NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry. He can be reached at (919) 972-8305 or info@nowarningshotsfired.com Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Friday, July 10, 2015

7/9 Debate with Sean Hannity and Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson

Podcast of my debate with Sean Hannity and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on Race, Religion and Revolution


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fly the RBG Flag on the 4th

Whether African Americans should celebrate Independence Day, has been an ongoing debate in this country for decades. However, with the current racial turmoil in which this country finds herself, the debate has intensified. With this year's racial unrest in cities like Baltimore and the current controversy over the Confederate flag, a NC minister is calling on all Africans Americans to replace the Red, White and Blue with the Red, Black and Green.

Minister Paul Scott, founder of the Durham NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry is asking that African Americans  adopt the Black Liberation flag as the official flag of African Americans this July 4th. The flag was originally created in 1920 by Marcus Garvey , founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association to be the official flag of all African people." At the time, Garvey's movement boasted a membership of two million people.

According to Scott, the campaign is not only to protest the injustices against African Americans but to call for black unity which he hopes will stop the black on black violence that is so prevalent in Durham and many cities around the country.

Already hundreds of African American Facebook users are changing their profile pics to Black Liberation flag colors to protest injustice and call for black unity.

As Marcus Garvey said in 1921,

“Show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride.

Scott can be reached at (919) 972-8305  or info@nowarningshotsfired.com

Monday, June 22, 2015

Papa's Got a Brand New Flag...

Papa's Got a Brand New Flag:
Why African Americans Need a New Symbol of Freedom

                                             Min. Paul Scott

Today, the governor of South Carolina , Nikki Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the  SC State Capital. And that's  a good thing. Personally, I believe that anything even resembling a Confederate flag needs to be used for toilet paper at Taco Bell...

For many white Southerners , the Confederate  flag represents the heritage of their ancestors, but for me it represents the last thing my ancestors saw before they were hanged from trees in the South Carolina swamps.

Now, I know people in SC are having victory cookouts right now and having "We Shall Over Come" karaoke concerts  But , don't expect me to be overly, over joyed with the symbolic gesture of removing the Confederate rag.

To be historically correct, just as much injustice was done to African Americans under the Stars and Stripes as was done under the Stars and Bars. Matter of fact, even today, in the cities where many of the racist acts are happening,  Old Glory is waving proudly.  And the police officers who are committing terrible acts of violence  against black kids aren't pledging allegiance to the Confederate flag, they are pledging allegiance to the Red, White and Blue.

As black people we  need our own flag to represent our heritage.   Matter of fact we already have one. 

According to the late historian, Dr. Tony Martin in his work, Race First, in 1920 The Honorable Marcus Garvey , in his Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World  adopted  the  Red Black and Green flag as the official symbol of the "African race."   According to Dr, Martin, Red stands for "the color of the blood which men must shed for their redemption and liberty."  Black for "the color of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong." And Green "for the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland."  Marcus Garvey was the leader of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) which, at its height boasted two million members. 

So, in 2015  its time for black people to start waving our own flags again.

On July 4th, African Americans should once again adopt the Red, Black and Green Flag as our official symbol. There should be Red, Black and Green flags on black households, clothing and license plates from McKinney TX, to Baltimore MD, to Charleston SC.

Back in the , 60's James Brown had a hit song with "Papa's  Got a Brand New Bag," however today we are saying "Papa's Got a Brand new Flag."

If we really want to stop, not only racism and police brutality but also our children from killing each other in the street,  we have to give them something to be proud of.

As Marcus Garvey once said,

Show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride.

Min. Paul Scott is founder of the Durham NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at (919) 972-8305 or info@nowarningshotsfired.com
Follow on Twitter @truthminista

Friday, June 19, 2015

Is Right Wing Media to Blame for Charleston Massacre ?

Originally published 8/8/10

Haters for Hire:
Understanding Racism for Ratings

Min. Paul Scott

It all started when, while standing in the checkout line at Community Foods Supermarket, Mike White told a joke that he heard on the local right wing radio morning show. However, Rasheed Blackmon, who was in line behind him was not amused. The simple off-color joke led to a racial slug-fest, as customers throughout the store began clubbing each other with frozen pizzas and boxes of Twinkies.The radio station finally got what they had been pushing for; a race riot on aisle five of the local grocery store...

Since the last presidential election, there has been a growing interest in right wing shock jocks with new ones springing up like weeds everyday in markets across the country. Whether it be Clear Channel's Rush Radio affiliates or Fox News, the line between journalism and entertainment has been permanently blurred. What is passing for examples of intelligent racial discourse are merely cheap one-liners and the conservative equivalent of "yo' mama" jokes.

Racism for ratings has become the order of the day and stations are scrambling to hire their own stable of hired haters.

What is ironic is that I doubt very seriously that most of the pundits who spew the racist rhetoric actually feel that way when they are off the clock nor will they be able to defend their positions in public debates. They subscribe to the old saying, "I'm not a racist; I just play one on TV." For them the profits of racial rage are strictly business, nothing personal.

Unfortunately, if you follow the right wing rhetoric to its logical conclusion, eventually some one's gonna get hurt and it's not going to be one of the media moguls in an office building in downtown Manhattan nor one of the local haters-for-hire hidden away in a DJ booth in some undisclosed location, it's going to be one of your friends or neighbors. After the racial Apocalypse, the head honchos at corporate will just put the racial rebel rousers in their Clear Channel Radio Host Protection Program, change their identities and ship them off to some unsuspecting town in Idaho where they will start the same mayhem over again, while leaving their former city of employment in shambles.

While many will be quick to blame the messenger, it must be noted that as early as the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson warned that if America did not get its collective act together in terms of race relations, according to Bradford Chambers in his book "Chronicles of Black Protests," he foresaw a race war and the "extermination of the one or the other race."

You have folks on both sides of the political gulf that take what they hear on Fox News and conservative radio as the Gospel, a reflection of how the average white American feels about people of color. However, just as the Hip Hop videos on Black Entertainment Television do not reflect the lifestyle choices of all African Americans, neither does Fox News reflect the racial attitudes of all whites.

According to WEB Dubois in his book, "Black Reconstruction in America, " in 1860 only 7% of the total population of the South owned nearly three million of the 3,953,676 slaves. These were the members of the "planter class" who controlled the politics and economics of the southern states. Dubois wrote that the propagation of the doctrine of black inferiority was based on the interests of this planter class by which the majority of the population (poor whites) were manipulated. In modern society, the planter class would be the media moguls and their prophets of rage, while the poor whites would be the majority of their listeners.

One of the reasons why this trend continues is that most Americans have a very lackadaisical attitude when it comes to historical research. It is easier to listen to some bigot on the radio and just parrot right wing talking points than it is to engage in a critical analysis of the race problem. Plus, it's more entertaining to watch Glenn Beck go off one one of his tirades than it is to sit down and read a book. Let's face it, the Right's theater of the absurd sells out every night.

Also, we live in an area where the local newspapers would rather pretend that by ignoring racial issues they will eventually disappear. Racial issues will not make the morning paper until two days after blood is flowing waist high in the streets,evidence of the old adage "if it bleeds, it leads."

Nationally, this has been a long hot summer in regards to the topic of race in America and with the upcoming mid-term elections, you can bet that the heat of the summer will bleed into the fall.

While the media gatekeepers are cashing in on the racial hatred, folks like you and I are just pawns in the game.

***Originally published 8/8/10****

Min. Paul Scott represents the Messianic Afrikan Nation  He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com or (919) 972-8305

Friday, June 5, 2015

Boycott the Rolling Stones' Rock Rape of Black Women

Over the last few weeks , rapper Rich Homie Quan has been taking a lot of heat for song lyrics that some are saying glorifies the rape of women. However, a NC minister is asking why there is not similar outrage surrounding the re-release of The Rolling Stones hit song “Brown Sugar?”

As a prelude to their upcoming re-release  of their 1971 album “Sticky Fingers” (June 8) the Rolling Stones recently leaked a lost version of the cut , Brown Sugar, a song about the rape of a black slave girl.  A few years later, The Stones also recorded  the song Some Girls”  which contained the lyrics “black girls just want to f**** all night.”

Minister Paul Scott , founder of the Durham NC, Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry says that there is a double standard when it comes to rock and rap, pointing out also the massive protests  by feminist groups over rapper , Rick Ross’s lyrics on the 2013 song   U.N.O.E.N.O, where he rapped about date raping a woman after putting the drug , Molly, in her drink.

“When a young black rapper talks about rape he is criticized but an  old white  rocker is given a hood pass,” says Scott. “Rappers and Rockers need to be held accountable.”

Scott, who has been a vocal critic of misogynistic lyrics  in Hip Hop says that the new Rolling Stones album should be boycotted.

"There is no statute of limitations on Rock rape, especially when the songs are still being played on the radio." says Scott.

For more information contact info@nowarningshotsfired.com or call (919) 972-8305

Monday, June 1, 2015

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted:
The Return of the Intelligent Thug
                                 Min. Paul Scott

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery/None but ourselves can free our minds”
  Redemption Song-Bob Marley

Back in the day, members of my generation proudly sported our “Warning Educated Black Man” T-shirts while pumpin’ Ice Cube’s “AmeriKKKa’ s Most Wanted”  in our rides.” During that period we were clear that this country’s biggest fear was an army of militant minded Brotha and Sista Souljah’s waging an all out war against the lies of Western Civilization that kept us bound in the chains of mental slavery. Unfortunately, that era ended abruptly following the LA Rebellion of 1992 and was purposely replaced by a corporate sponsored gangsta dynasty where ignorance was not only bliss but a Hip Hop cultural norm.  However, in  post Baltimore Rebellion America the days of the pro-black T-shirts might just be making a comeback.

Recently, Georgia college student Eric Sheppard was  arrested following a month long manhunt by the Feds. Last April, Sheppard made headlines by stepping on The Stars and Stripes during a college protest.  An arrest warrant was issued for the student because the police found a gun inside a book bag that allegedly belonged to him.  However, many African Americans feel that Sheppard’s  real crime , as a 21 year old black man, was  having more on his mind than the NBA Finals, rap music and strip clubs.  Especially, in a country having nightmares over the possibility of politically conscious street gangs uniting for a common cause .

Yeah, America’s biggest fear has been realized.  The “Intelligent Thugs” that they buried  two decades ago have suddenly  risen from their graves.

The fear of black intelligence stretches back centuries in this country. One must remember that until the late 19th century it was illegal to teach black folk to read. And while much attention is paid towards the brutality of the slave revolts headed by people such as the Reverend Nat Turner, many of the rebels were highly intelligent. As early as 1830, David Walker’s Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World caused so much fear among white slave owners that a $10,000 bounty was placed on Walker’s head.

Also, although many people focus on the “burn baby burn” slogans of the 60’s and early 70’s, it must be understood that the members of the Black Power Movement were bookworms.  Kwame Ture, the man credited for popularizing the term “Black Power” was a Howard University graduate.  Malcolm X  was able to debate some of the  best  scholars in the world courtesy of a jailhouse education.  And even though people like to focus on the guns that the Black Panther Party carried, it was the mind of  Huey P Newton that people feared the most as he was able to intellectually navigate between the streets and college campuses.

So, today tragic  events from the  Trayvon Martin murder to the murder of Freddie Gray have many young people embracing some of the teachings that my generation used to talk about in campus student unions and in the back of dusty little black bookstores. However,  where we  had to wait weeks for a new book by Del Jones or a Steve Cokely cassette tape to arrive at the Know Bookstore, these kids have total,  unrestricted,  immediate access via the Internet to all types of information. So, the same political education that took us weeks to study can be learned by a Baltimore gang member during a cross town bus ride via an iPhone and Beats by Dre headphones.

Although, some may think this is just another Hip Hop inspired fad (as many accused the “conscious Hip Hop /Fight the Power Era “ of being) , times have changed.

Unlike the LA Rebellions of 23 years ago, the most recent uprisings  did not have a Hip Hop soundtrack. There was no inflammatory song that the media could pinpoint for inspiring the riots. It can be further argued that the rapper commentators  who appeared on CNN  were not the “voices of the streets” as they were a decade ago, but now were only being used to calm the fears of white America.
Also, if you read the manifesto, that was allegedly written by Eric Sheppard, instead of rap lyrics you will see shout outs to African centered scholars such as Dr. Khallid Muhammad and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, whose entire catalogs can be easily accessed on Youtube.

So, although talking headz like Sean Hannity  and Anderson Cooper may consider the Eric Sheppards of the world  fringe elements and the media may write his manifesto off as a “publicity stunt”  so their middle class white audiences can sleep at night, the reality is for every Freddie Gray that dies an Eric Sheppard is born.

Maybe the gangs coming together in B-More is a sign of changing  times. What if they put down the guns and decide to form a political coalition after watching an Amos Wilson video on Youtube? Or what if  instead of selling drugs they  decide to open legit businesses after listening to a Dr. Claude Anderson podcast ?
Perhaps the years of us telling these kids that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” and “Knowledge is Power” were not wasted after all.
Maybe, all they really needed, to borrow from rapper, Young Jeezy was some intelligent “Thug Motivation.”

Min. Paul Scott represents the Messianic Afrikan Nation. He can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired. Follow on Twitter @truthminista